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Specialty process gas compressor

In all regions of the nationwide economic climate, there are a range of flammable and explosive, corrosion, poisonous and damaging fuel compression, learn the air compressor screw compressor compressor drinking water lubrication oil-free of charge technologies Xinmai En team will be drinking water-lubricated oil-absolutely free use of flammable and explosive , Corrosive gas compression, the use of minimal-temperature characteristics of drinking water lubrication, compression flammable and explosive gas is completely risk-free, the use of stainless metal host corrosion resistance can compress corrosive gases. Xin Maen has efficiently created gasoline and fuel compressors, biogas compressors, carbon dioxide compressors, coalbed methane, fuel compressors, nitrogen compressors and other special gasoline compressors.

We is a leading manufacturer of industrial air compressor china manufacturers, oir free air compressor china suppliers and screw air compressor china spare parts.Based in China, our product lower noise air compressors,Oil-free screw air compressor range represents the most comprehensive portfolio of compressed air equipment offered for thousands of applications in the Oil, Textile, Food, Marine, etc. industries.

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